Chalk Furniture Paint Boom Gel Stain

Chalk Furniture Paint Boom Gel Stain

Marilyn’s Chalk Furniture Paint Boom Gel Stain Products. Two amazing Australian Made and Australian owned product ranges which will transform your world – quite literally!

Since 2012 Marilyn’s has been the Home of Australia’s first chalk paint powder and chalk paint On-Line Shop.

Marilyn’s Chalk Paint Powder is an affordable blend of 5 Natural ingredients making a superior chalk paint product and together with  Bloom Gel Stain (Non-Toxic), Marilyn’s products will update and recycle your furniture, glassware, upholstery and decorator items!

Marilyn’s ONLY promotes products that are proudly Australian Made and Australian Owned, Marilyn’s was created for the thrifty DIY home and professional decorator and designer.

Chalk Furniture Paint Boom Gel Stain

Boom Gel Stain is the ONLY AUSTRALIAN made gel stain and glaze on the market and not only does Boom Gel Stain and glaze turn ordinary furniture into your own amazing ‘piece of art’, it can be used on fabric, metal, glass, concrete, pottery, whatever and wherever you want to use it!

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