About Marilyn’s Chalk Furniture Paint Powder

About Marilyn's Chalk Furniture Paint Powder

Marilyn’s Chalk Furniture Paint Powder and Paint Products

Welcome, same ‘Marilyn’s’ Chalk Furniture Paint Powder and Chalk Furniture Paint products!

At Cat & Fiddle Antiques, after over 20 years of buying, selling and restoring antiques, we were absolutely bamboozled some years ago when we sold more beautifully crafted and designed antique pieces that were going to new homes to be painted white, “heresy”, we thought!

So a new journey began for us into the world of ‘shabby chic’.  Suddenly, with this new journey, a completely unexpected passion was born.

We tried a well known product which resulted in OK results, although it became apparent we were dealing with an outlay of many $$$ per colour and sometimes we only wanted 250 mls of paint.

Google became our champion – NOT!  Chalk paint recipe ideas galore, nothing really worked to our satisfaction (yep, we are really fussy).  Hence we began with a dream to develop an affordable, 100% eco friendly AUSTRALIAN chalk furniture paint powder product that could be added to any acrylic paint, any colour, giving the paint superior adhesion, be self priming and finished with wax, give a beautiful sheen.

We were determined to create a powder that would yield incredible results every time – results that rivaled any other product on the market at a fraction of  the cost, and, of course, would allow us unlimited colour options in any quantity of paint we needed.

In 2012, ‘Marilyn’s Chalk Furniture Paint Powder’ became a reality and produces a chalk based paint that is super-matte, super thick (we call it jelly paint), super adhesive, with a durable finish and your designer projects can only be limited only by your imagination.

Marilyn's Chalk Furniture Paint Powder