Boom Gel Stain Australian Made Craft Product

Boom Gel Stain Australian Made Craft Product

Boom Gel Stain Australian Made Craft Product

So you’ve heard about the new DIY craze? BOOM Gel Stain Australian Made Craft Product – and at Marilyn’s it has always been our philosophy to ONLY promote Australian Made and Australian Owned products.  Boom Gel Stain is the ONLY AUSTRALIAN made gel stain and glaze on the market and it does the job of the other imported gel stains with an already wide but expanding colour range.  Boom will stain deeply into the grain of bare wood, it will glaze existing finishes (perfect for adding brightness and highlighting chalk painted decorator items and, at the same time, it will give you a 3-dimensional effect.

See the Bloom Gel Stain range.

Not only does Boom Gel Stain Australian Made Craft Product and glaze turn ordinary furniture into your own amazing ‘piece of art’, it can be used on fabric, metal, concrete, pottery and is a truly impressive glass glaze product.  In fact you can use it on whatever and wherever you want to use it – indoors or out!

Boom Gel Stain Australian Made Craft Product, just like our Chalk Paint Powder, is a Non-Toxic stain that can be applied to so many surfaces using hands, brushes or sponges.  Let your imagination soar by using Marilyn’s Chalk Paint Powder in your Acrylic Paint and Boom to add highlights for an aged look, gilding & more!  Your imagination will only be your limitation with these two affordable amazing products.

Boom Gel Stain! Watch the Tutorial Videos to sample just a few creative ideas with our Boom Gel Stain Expert!  We’re sure they will inspire you to create one-off decorator items no matter what your level of experience is.

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