Buy Boom Gel Stain

Boom Gel Stain Where to Buy

Buy Boom Gel Stain

Heard about this amazingly versatile produce?  Boom Gel Stain Where to Buy is your question? Marilyn’s is excited to now be able to offer this product Australia wide via our website, at a minimal postage cost, Buy Boom Gel Stain Today!

Boom Gel Stain is the latest and most wonderful craft product we have come across and sticking to our philosophy of only promoting Australian made and owned products, Buy Boom Gel Stain, it is a perfect fit to our Marilyn’s chalk powder and paints.  It is the ONLY Australian made Gel Stain on the market and can be used in so many ways!

Boom Gel Stain currently has a range of 15 vibrant colours which can be mixed together to achieve your own colour palette.  Boom has three metallic stains and, early 2018, will present the world with their pearlescent range of colours.

Want to Buy Boom Gel Stain?  Of course you can purchase it right now, Boom Gel Stain will stain wood, stain over painted products, as a chalk paint tint and, with the metallics, a gilding product to add highlights to your decorator items.  It is a fabulous product for fabric, clothing and upholstery makeovers – from dowdy to fabulous in just a few hours!

This product can be used ‘straight’ to give artwork a 3D effect and can be diluted by up to 80% for many other creative craft ideas.

Boom Gel Stain Where to Buy?  Marilyn’s suggests you read Boom Gel Stain FAQs and Tutorial Videos to see just how amazing this product is!

See the Boom Gel Stain range.




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