Chalk Furniture Paint Powder

Chalk Furniture Paint Powder Australian MadeChalk Furniture Paint Powder Australian Made, makes thick, creamy, luscious Chalk based Paints.  What is chalk paint?  Why would I use it?  Why would I need it?  It’s the super matte, super adhesive, extra durable finish that so many are blogging about!

With 60g of our eco-friendly chalk paint powder, it becomes the most affordable way to make 1 litre of Chalk Paint and because of it’s luscious consistency goes further than a normal 1 Litre can of paint!  Make 4 x 250ml colours; 2x 500ml colours, or get really adventurous and add the whole lot to 1 litre of your favourite acrylic paint, ANY brand, ANY colour & shake, shake, shake!

Marilyn’s Chalk Furniture Paint Powder Australian Made range is available n 60g – 120g – 480g – 960g bags, its Australian Made and ready for you to add to your Acrylic paint, ALL brands in ANY colour and can be used for furniture, decorator items, walls, kitchen cupboards to floors.

Once our Chalk Furniture Paint Powder Ausralian Made is added to your paint, the superior adhesive quality achieved, means that, in most instances, surfaces do not require prepping, no hard yakka, just let your inner creative genius flow!  Clean up is fast using warm soapy water.

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Chalk Powder Paint located at Gold Coast , Tamborine Mountain, Australia . Reviewed by 22019 Chalk Powder Painters rated: 10 / 10