Chalk Painting Techniques Applying Transfers
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Chalk Painting Techniques Applying Transfers. Have you ever wondered how professional Chalk Painters achieve gorgeous transfer finishes?

Chalk Painting Techniques Applying Transfers

Chalk Painting Techniques Applying Transfers

We are going to walk you through how Marilyn’s Chalk Paint Powder and your imagination can create the most phenomenal transfer pieces that you, too, can easily achieve! Chalk Painting Techniques Applying Transfers, this Tutorial shares with you how you can transform an old vanity into a beautiful designer piece!

If your decorator item has a high shine, go over the piece with fine sandpaper and dull down by very lightly and quickly sanding before using our Chalk Paint Transfer Technique. Mix Marilyn’s Chalk Paint Powder into your acrylic paint of choice and paint. Sand ever so slightly to make sure there is a nice smooth finish.

Chalk Paint Transfer Technique

Firstly mix your preferred acrylic paint with Marilyn’s Chalk Paint Powder as per instructions.

Secondly, gather your materials. You will need: pretty paper to compliment your paint, Mod Podge Matte-Mat-Mate (available on eBay at approx. $10-$11), scissors, water, rags and a brayer (little rubber roller)

Get your paper ready. Tear or cut your paper to fit the desired space. Torn edges are very pretty, cut if a super straight line is desired.

Marilyn’s Chalk Painting Transfer Technique

THIS IS NOT THE TRADITIONAL DECOUPAGE OF THE ’70′s!! Apply Mod Podge with a brush to the printed side of your paper. TURN YOUR PAPER OVER AND LAY FACE DOWN on your designer project! This is very, very important! The white side (or back) of the paper should be face up.

Use your brayer to smooth out wrinkles and bubbles. DO NOT apply Mod Podge to this. You should have white un-Podged paper facing up. Now, STEP AWAY from your piece!

It will be so tempting to get ahead and try to peek. Very important to let your paper dry over night!

To remove the white paper that backed the image, you will need water, rags, perhaps a spray bottle and patience.

With a damp cloth or mist from a spray bottle, gently soak a small area. As soon as the paper has absorbed the water, use your thumb to push and roll “bits” of paper off. The paper will roll into little pieces that can be brushed out of the way with a soft, dry brush.

Chalk Paint Transfer Technique

As you can see in the picture, the left side still has it’s white paper backing and the right side has been dampened and the paper is being “rolled” off. It takes a while to finish this step if the piece is large. This is where your patience comes in handy. Re-wet fingers and paper as needed until completely finished. A very light sanding with fine paper or steel wool will remove any remaining pieces. And finally, seal your furniture with “uBeaut” Traditional wax or our polyurethane hard surface sealer if using white!

Besides pretty paper from craft stores, ink jet prints from online graphics work incredibly well as well!

Hope you have learnt the decoupage secret with this post, ciao for now, Sheridan

Chalk Paint Transfer Technique

As our motto goes, Be Bold, Be Daring & Have Fun! using our Chalk Paint Transfer Technique


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