Chalk Powder Kits

Chalk Powder Kits

Marilyn’s Chalk Powder kits offer you a varied combination of chalk painting products for the home DIY decorator or the professional chalk painting artisan.

From our ‘Tester Kit’ at $49.00 to our Professional and Master Kits at $240 and $366 respectively, there is a kit for everybody.

The first of our kits – the Tester Kit – includes 60g of our Marilyn’s natural chalk paint powder, enough to make a litre of chalk paint plus our neutral wax.

Our kits then expand to our largest kit, the ‘Master Kit’ – includes 960g of our Marilyn’s natural chalk paint powder (enough to make 16 litres of chalk paint), our neutral and aging waxes, 1 litre of our clear hard surface sealant and two round brushes (as these are the hardest thing to find at an affordable price).

These kits and Marilyn’s product will allow you to fall in love with chalk painting.  If you enjoy sitting on the verandah and reading a good book, chalk painting will offer you the same sort of relaxation as you simply ‘get into a zone’ and the hours pass away without your conscious knowledge.

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