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Boom Gel Stain Metallic Gold 250mls

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BOOM Gel Stain Metallic Gold 250mls

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BOOM Gel Stain Metallic Gold 250mls

BOOM Gel Stain Metallic Gold.  Boom Gel Stain is the ONLY AUSTRALIAN made gel stain and glaze on the market and it does the job of staining deep into the bare wood grain, glazing over existing finishes, brightening and highlighting chalk painted decorator items and, at the same time, giving you a fabulous three dimensional effect.

Not only does Boom Gel Stain turn ordinary furniture into your own amazing ‘piece of art’, it can be used on fabric, metal, glass, concrete, pottery, whatever and wherever you want to use it!

Boom Gel Stain is a Non-Toxic stain that can be applied to so many surfaces using hands, brushes or sponges.

Use our Metallic Gold Gel Stain amongst other colours to highlight and feature you designer project.

Boom Gel Stain! Watch the videos to sample a few amazing ideas!

Let your imagination go wild with this amazing product!



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