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Chalk Furniture Paint Wildflower Blue 1 Litre


Chalk Furniture Paint Wildflower Blue

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Chalk Furniture Paint Wildflower Blue

Chalk Furniture Paint Wildflower Blue – Buy 1 Litre of Wildflower Blue Chalk Paint from Marilyns Chalk Paint Australia, blending our Marilyn’s Chalk Paint Powder with our Australian made acrylic paint, both products are environmentally friendly!

Wildflower Blue is a beautiful shade and is very similar to the classic Duck Egg Blue, again use it on it’s own or overlayed with our White Cockatoo or Aussie Beach Chalk Paints to create a reminiscent shabby chic, New Hamptons or French Provincial look which is all your own.

If you enjoy relaxing with a good book on the back verandah, you will indeed learn that chalk painting is just as relaxing and, what’s more, you have the enjoyment of a new piece of furniture at the end.   I mean, in the matter of a few hours you can take something from trash to treasure without spending a lot.  It makes us feel powerful!  It’s no wonder it has taken the DIY world by storm. Still, as with any technique it can have its pitfalls and challenges.  But when you are armed with knowledge you will have nothing to fear and will be able to enjoy all the great reasons why, at Marilyn’s, we love chalk painting and the myriad of finishes available to update furniture at a fraction of the cost.


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