DIY Chalk Furniture PaintDIY Chalk Furniture Paint. You’re ready to make your own chalk paint.  Marilyn’s provides an paint powder product that will turn your everyday acrylic paint – any brand, any colour – into a premium chalk paint product.

At Marilyn’s we were determined to create a powder that would yield incredible results every time – results that rivaled any other chalk paint product on the market at a fraction of  the cost, and, of course, would allow us unlimited colour options in any quantity of paint we needed.

In 2012, Marilyn’s Chalk Paint Powder became a reality and produces a chalk paint that is super-matte, super thick (we call it jelly paint), super adhesive, with a durable finish and your designer projects can only be limited only by your imagination.

DIY Chalk Furniture Paint

DIY Chalk Furniture Paint using Marilyn’s Powder.  Marilyn’s takes the guess work out of how to make the best chalk paint recipe on the Australian market.  60 grams of Marilyn’s chalk powder will give you 4 x 250 ml, 2 x 500 ml or 1 x 1 Litre of thick, creamy, adhesive chalk paint – mix just the amount you need with no waste.  Ideal to add to those little sample pots of 250 mls you can find at Bunnings at a cost of approximately $3.00.  Marilyn’s makes chalk painting both affordable and fun!

Watch this video to see how the expert does it – all soooooo easy and you’ll change your way of chalk painting using Marilyn’s Chalk Paint Powder.

For more info, visit our Chalk Paint Recipe Page.

It’s really very easy to literally ‘fall in Love’ with chalk painting furniture.  Firstly, chalk painting is exciting and secondly, it inspires the creative inner you!  Without the need to prep your soon to be “designer piece” it is a very soothing past time and with Marilyn’s chalk paint powder your paint will adhere extremely well to all surfaces, is super thick, creamy and goes much further than normal acrylic paint – that is our secret.  You literally take yourself into a different ‘zone’ away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


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