Marilyn's Chalk Furniture Paint PowderMarilyn’s Chalk Furniture Paint Powder

Marilyn’s Chalk Furniture Paint Powder is a blend of 5 natural ingredients, it is a 100% Australian Made product which you add to your acrylic paint – any brand, any colour – and it will become a thick, luscious, creamy (we call it jelly paint), super adhesive chalk paint product.

No need to prep your designer project (yeah!), a good clean with household steel wool and warm soapy water to remove any old grime, and you will be ready to paint furniture, walls and floors and produces a finish that is smooth and velvety.

Finish your designer project with one of our natural waxes for a beautiful sheen.

Marilyn’s also offers our Chalk Paint Powder Kits – from the simple, our ‘Tester Kit’ which includes 60g of Marilyn’s Chalk Paint Powder and clear wax @ $49 to our Master Kit @ $290 for those who want everything….

Marilyn’s Chalk Furniture Paint Powder will make it very easy to literally ‘fall in Love’ with chalk painting furniture.  Firstly, chalk painting is exciting and secondly, it inspires the creative inner you!  Without the need to prep your soon to be “designer piece” it is a very soothing past time and with Marilyn’s chalk paint powder your paint will adhere extremely well to all surfaces, is super thick, creamy and goes much further than normal acrylic paint – that is our secret.  You literally take yourself into a different ‘zone’ away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Chalk Furniture Paint located at Gold Coast , Tamborine Mountain, Australia . Reviewed by 118886 Chalk Powder Painters rated: 9.5 / 10