Retailer Stockist Enquiry

Retailer Stockist Enquiry

Chalk Paint Powder & Chalk Paint? What is it? Why would I want to stock it?

For the DIY artisan, designers and professional decorative painters, Chalk Paint updates their old pieces, ages their new pieces and for the thrifty do-it-yourselfer, Chalk Paint puts the fun into painting anything!

Marilyn’s Chalk Paint Powder® answers the need for affordable chalk paint. After seeing the results of chalk painting for ourselves, we spent frustrating hours and months researching a product that you simply added to acrylic paint – any brand of paint in the colour of your choice. Those little 250 ml and 500 ml samplers in Bunnings and Masters that sell for $3 to $6 are great. We needed a finished chalk paint product that was self-priming, a simple wash and let’s start painting without the hard yakka of sanding & priming.

We wanted a chalk paint that adhered like glue to any surface (wood, plastic, laminate, we mean anything) and sanded to a silky smooth finish and, once waxed, had a glorious shine  We wanted an eco-friendly alternative to the DIY chalk paint recipes we found and tested, yep, every last one and a few more. We developed Marilyn’s Chalk Paint Powder® and are proud to share a 100% Natural (mineral, clay & organic based), 100% Australian Made & Owned product. We offer you  full product training and helpful tips so you can not only stock and sell the products, you can hold your own Marilyn’s Chalk Paint® Workshops whilst exploring your inner creative genious & sharing that genious with your community!


Can you see the benefits of stocking our Marilyn’s Chalk Paint®  & Marilyn’s Chalk Paint Powder® & holding your own Workshops?

Please show your interest & fill in our enquiry form below.  We look forward to the opportunity of working with you!